Mgr. Klára Nezkusilová

Klára Nezkusilová
Klára Nezkusilová

Klára graduated from Faculty of Law of Masaryk University in Brno (2004) and acquired  degree. In her course of study, Klmasterára focused on child protection and trafficking in women. At the same time, she also deepened her knowledge by an internship at La Strada Česká republika, o.p.s., non-profit organization engaged in protection of child and women rights.

After the graduation, Klára worked as concipient, focusing mainly on civil and commercial law as well as family law and criminal law.

Nowadays, Klára leads a law firm Nezkusilová-Benešová, which she also co-founded in 2016. Apart from day-to-day work for clients, Klára also publishes and leads lectures both in business as well as in non-profit area.

In her legal practice, Klára focuses mainly on following fields of law

  • Civil law (law of contract, real estate law, cessation and settlement of co-ownership)
  • Commercial law (setting up of companies, complete legal service for companies and entrepreneurs, transfer of shares, recovery of debts)
  • Family law (divorce, property adjustments, settlements regarding minors, ante-nuptial settlements)
  • Law of cheques and bills of exchange
  • Insolvency law (commencement of proceedings, registration of claims, bankruptcy)
  • Criminal law (property crimes and other crimes)

Klára speaks

  • English


  • family, literature, history